Win a Free Wordpress Website for you or your Company

Win a Free Wordpress Website for you or your Company

Zulu Shack Creative is a strong believer in giving back to the community and contributing to the for ever growing beast out there, the internet.

Now what could this beast do with? Your new website of course! Zulu Shack Creative is running a new competition where you can win you or your company a new website!

To enter the competition simply click the 'Enter Here' button and complete the form. We will ask you things like what kind of website you want to build, should you win and who you would like to build it for, if not yourself.

This will be our first competition this year, expect to see one later in the year too. Competition entries will end on the 4th of July 2019.

What kinda website do we accept, what are the specs and details?

Great question!  This is what you stand a chance to win and a rough guide to our terms and conditions:

The website will be your choice of a WordPress Theme available on the  Envato Market . The cost will be paid for by Zulu Shack Creative.

  1. The winning website will be hosted with Zulu Shack Creative for free, for the first year.
  2. It is best the winner have control over your domain, so it will be up to the winner to purchase their domain if they do not already have one. Our Zulu Shack Creative experts will need these details come day of the launch.
  3. Free SSL for the first year.
  4. Free weekly back ups courtesy of Zulu Shack Creative.
  5. 5 pages configured and customized to your brand or idea. Yes! we will go into the template of your choice and match it to your image and logo
    Five common pages are something like:
    i) Home Page
    ii) About Us
    iii) Services
    iv) Blog
    v) Contact Us
  1. As far as types of sites go, most are accepted. We do however, reserve the right to eliminate any entry we don’t see fit. Things like hunting Rhinos, torture or nasty things like that are a definite no go.

How to enter

  1. Simply fill in the entry form by clicking the “Enter Here” button

And that’s it! You will get a confirmation email confirming your entry and Zulu Shack Creative will keep you updated with the draw date and next steps.

How to win

  1. We will randomly draw 5 entries on the 4th of July 2019 from all the entries submitted.
  2. The 5 entrants drawn will be contacted and asked to re-confirm their email address. Failing to confirm your details will unfortunately mean forfeiting your spot.
  3. Zulu Shack Creative will then run a voting pole in which your friends and family can vote for your entry.
  4. After 1 week of voting, we will tally up the points and confirm the winner!

How the points are tallied

  1. When the 5 entries are randomly drawn, points will be assigned in relation to the number they are pulled:
    - So for example if you are pulled 1st you get 1 point
    - If you are pulled 2nd... 2 points and so on until 5 points. Ideally you want to be pulled last for the greatest change of winning.
  2. The top 3 in the voting results will be assigned points as well!
    - 5 points for the 1st place
    - 3 points for 2nd place
    - 2 points for 3rd place

In the event of a tie, the entrant with the most votes will win.

Let’s show one example of how it would go down

On the 4th of July 5 entrants are randomly drawn...

  1. Billy’s Resume Site
  2. Evergreen Insurance Site
  3. New Chef in Town Site
  4. Speedy Movers Site
  5. Ian and Elne’s Wedding Site

This would mean Ian and Elne’s wedding website are currently in the lead with 5 points. Billy on the other hand has 1 point.

Zulu Shack Creative then makes a Facebook post, where the peeps can vote for who they want to win. Let’s say the top 3 are as follows:

  1. New Chef In Town Site (5 points)
  2. Billy’s Resume Site (3 points)
  3. Ian and Elne’s wedding site (2 points)

Final scores are as follows:

  1. Billy’s Resume Site (1 + 3 = 4 points)
  2. Evergreen Insurance Site (2 + 0 = 2 points)
  3. New Chef in Town Site (3 + 5 = 8 points)
  4. Speedy Movers Site (4 + 0 = 4 points)
  5. Ian and Elne’s Wedding Site (5 + 2 = 7 points)

So as you can see the winner of a new website is the New Chef in Town Site.

From there the client will be contacted and the new website will be underway! The other top 4 will be offered discounts should they still want to persue their dream of a new and amazing website!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many times can I enter?
You can enter one time per email address. Please respect the competition and do not spam. We reserve the right to disqualify any one who abuses the competition.

Should you be drawn more than once in the top 5, we will re-draw for those spots.

Q: I won now what?

Zulu shack Creative will contact you and discuss the next steps in your website.

Q: I am in the top 5 how do I claim my discount

Based on your final position Zulu Shack Creative will send you an option to still build your website at a discounted rate. The discount will depend on where you finish. That’s why it is important to get your friends to vote for you. The higher you finish the better your discount, should you not win.

Q: How long will my site take to build

We will schedule your project in just like any other project, with a 2 to 4 week turn around. A lot will also depend on you and how readily your are available with content.

More Questions? Please use the contact form provided.

Good Luck to all the contestants!
- Zulu Shack Creative