Should I Hire an SEO or Contract to an SEO Agency?

Should I Hire an SEO or Contract to an SEO Agency?

Search Engine Optimization is a process that needs time and expertise. So if you want your business to establish online presence and growth, SEO is an option worth considering.

Whether you are to build a new website or the existing website needs changes, professional help is needed so that the project will go as smoothly as possible.

But which one can handle your website SEO tasks better? – SEO specialist or an SEO agency?

Let us discuss the benefits and the drawbacks of hiring the services of an SEO agency versus an SEO specialist. Learning the pros and cons will help you decide which will be the best fit for your business needs.

Benefits of hiring an SEO specialist:

  • A specialist will have more time working on your website SEO needs. You will have someone who can focus his time and expertise on your website compared to an SEO agency that has many other clients. An SEO specialist will have more time understanding about your business which leads to executing the perfect SEO strategies for growth and traffic.
  • Hiring an SEO specialist is committed to your business website 8 hours a day, 40 days a week; hence the possibility of mistakes is very unlikely to happen. And when changes happen, an in-house SEO specialist or Manager can quickly adapt to these changes since he or she is now familiar with your business goals.
  • Having an SEO Manager means you can have face-to-face interaction and discussions on strategies on how to make SEO attain your long-term business goals.

Drawbacks of hiring an SEO specialist:

  • Typically, hiring the services of an SEO Manager is costly compared to an SEO agency.
  • An SEO specialist may not have all the skill sets that you are looking for. Compared to an SEO agency who has a team of content creators, copywriters, backlink specialists, web designers, and web developers who can showcase their skills and talents for improved rankings, traffic, and visibility.

Benefits of hiring an SEO agency:

  • The cost of an SEO agency budget friendly considering the team of experts that will aid in the success of your website SEO. Hiring an SEO agency to do the job means paying for a fixed monthly fee for a wider range of expertise and skill sets.
  • You can terminate the services of an SEO agency if they fail to deliver that was promised. You can stop the services once goals and expectations are not met.
  • An SEO agency has better knowledge related to the latest trends, technical issues, algorithms, and strategies.

Cons of hiring an SEO agency:

  • Your agency may not be able to get back to you in a timely miner as they have other clients to cater to. You cannot expect full attention and VIP treatment.
  • Your relationship with an SEO agency will be limited to phone calls or emails which is more difficult when it comes to discussions, implementation of changes, and resolutions to issues.

Now that you have the necessary pointers, you can pick the best outfit whichcan meet your website’s requirements better.