250 More Monthly Cases for Personal Injury Law Firm

Car accidents, Truck Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Slip & Fall


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury!  In this case study, we are discussing a personal injury law firm that came to Zulu Shack Creative in 2019. They asked us to increase search engine ranking, traffic, and leads– and as the lord is our witness, we delivered. No, we exceeded expectations and established a commanding online presence for them. 

First 90 Days

We increased cases gained from organic traffic by 25% per month in the first 90 days.

More & More Cases

And eventually by 110% after 14 months. 

Non Branded Traffic

We increased non-branded traffic by 349.9% in 14 months, jumping from 7,655 to 34,440 monthly visitors.


And ranking keywords increase by 95%, from 9,219 to 17,982. 


Their backlinks increased by 249.1%, from 8,498 to 29,671. 

The Goal

If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know when you get there? That should be the motto of all good SEO strategies and case studies! There’s something magical about working with a client that has so much SEO potential but has not harnessed it yet. And this law firm had lots of SEO potential. It’s like kinetic energy, just waiting to be realized onto the internet to reach potential clients.

Our goals broke down as follows:



The client asked us to smoothly transition away from their current SEO firm, one that was charging far too much and delivering far too little, and to take the lead on all SEO efforts in the future.

Increase Leads:

Additionally, the goal was to increase organic leads as much as possible, by whichever means we thought were necessary.

Increase Traffic:

The brand name change had caused some major traffic downturns; the law firm wanted to correct this and return to previous traffic levels, or ideally, exceed those levels.

Target More Areas:

Expansion was in the air! The firm was planning a robust expansion effort that included opening up another 5 to 10 locations in states across the US. Transparency: Finally, the client wanted transparency. What were we doing, exactly, and how was it helping? Those lawyers love details so this was a match made in heaven. Zulu Shack Creative is a BIG believer in full transparency and details. We don’t hide the secret sauce; we tell all our clients exactly what we do.

The Brief

The firm’s internal marketing department had monitored organic success through Google Analytics, reports from the previous SEO agency, and through their call center, where potential clients would answer “how did you hear about us” questions.

Previous SEO Agency:

The law firm was working with another SEO agency that they believed was not delivering. They received reports from the previous SEO agency, but not much work–few deliverables and no changes made to the website in some time.

Brand Name Change:

The company changed brand names in 2018, which caused a major drop in organic traffic. The website had also experienced a notable drop in all calls from organic sources.


Other Marketing Efforts:

They relied on PPC and traditional advertising to a large degree. The firm's marketing department believed that there was a large organic market that they should be tapping into more aggressively.