Fascination City

A Social Dating Site

The Process

Chat, chat, chat!

Database Requirements

First and foremost, behind every good social service is a good database. The Zulu Shack Creative team, chose to use SQL Server to host the data for Fascination City. SQL is ubiquitous, easy to scale and can handle a lot of  data being written and read from the database, ideal for a chat site. We were able to integrate the solution with SignalR which paved the way for real time messaging and a great user experience.

Web Development

After laying down a stellar database foundation, the next step was to build off of that and create the actual application. This was achieved using the Microsoft .net framework, we integrated the front end with JavaScript and SignalR to create a seamless chat interaction expected by many users today. By using JavaScript and SignalR in the presentation layer, we were able to make sure the page remains active and accommodates real time chat.

Content Writing

To drive more organic traffic, our SEO and Content management team, created blogs for Fascination City. We chose to use WordPress in this case, should Terry and Sandie ever want to write their own articles. Also WordPress is a great CMS when it comes to pushing content and news.

Facebook Advertising

Video Marketing is a great way to get your name out there. Research is indicating that the future of digital advertising is Video. All the biggest social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have headed this way. Video can convey your message quicker than a picture or text ever could. We used video promos for Fascination City to drive more traffic. An example of one of their videos can be found here.