Cannfind Marketplace

A fully functional legal Marijuana Marketplace

The Process

Code, code, meet code… and more code


Database Analysis And Design

After thorough analysis and design was completed, Zulu Shack Creative created a database solution that would easily scale to the needs of a ever growing online Marketplace. Zulu Shack Creative, built the database, keeping in mind the need for scale, security, performance and future integrations.

Website Solution

Being let in on the ground floor of Cannfind’s idea, our developers were given the go ahead to build the system from the ground up, a custom .net solution that now harbors the successful interactions and transactions between growers and sellers. Zulu Shack Creative has successfully integrated the Cannfind solution with the mandatory Metrc API. A company that’s job is to report every transaction to the state.  With our help Cannfind has also been able to create their own API allowing for further development and ideas around the marijuana industry.

API Integration

Every good system nowadays needs a good API (Application Programming Interface). Zulu Shack Creative was more than happy to assist Cannfind in their need for a secure API, which allows them to control menus, users and pull reports. This has paved the way for Cannfind to build reporting tools and dashboards, improving the value of their product and business.

Maintenance Relationship

A lot of pop shops or one stop shops out there, like to get your website done and out the door so they can make the sale. At Zulu Shack Creative, we enjoy the journey and understand that your website is just the start. We have SEO plans, maintenance plans and new feature requests that keep your idea relevant, up to speed and more importantly selling. Cannfind has such a retainer with Zulu Shack Creative whereby new features, fine tuning and updates are always on the go.