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Wordpress Website Winners
Wordpress Website Winners

Congratulations to our two winners of the 'Win a Wordpress website for you or your company' Competition.

Jaclyn and Jennifer were the lucky two contestants who won the prize! We will be in touch with you both early next week to start the requirements phase.

Why did we pick two winners?

Although Zulu Shack Creative members have worked on many websites, they have mainly been for other media houses. Jobs we have thoroughly enjoyed. We do however wish to expand our own portfolio and help more clients under our own umbrella.

We look forward to serving our new clients like loyal and fierce impi warriors. Our plans are to develop great relationships and create excellent user experiences for you and your clients.

Why did we change the style of competition?

We changed this up because this time around there were only 11 entrants, instead of having the competition drag on we decided we will pick two and get started! We kept the task simple and used the Random Online picker to pick our winners. Here is a video below to show you what that looked like ;)

A message to all of our contestants

Although not all of you won the competition, you will be happy to note that we will be having more draws in the future. We will also be in contact with you to discuss your ideas more.

Thank you to all the contestants and Happy July 4th!
- Zulu Shack Creative