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Game of Thrones Custom Chatroom Solution
Game of Thrones Custom Chatroom Solution

Only a few more sleeps until Game Of Thrones airs on the East Coast of America. 9:00 PM! To be precise!  Swords will clang against ice bodies, Wildlings, dragons, queens, kings, slaves, warriors and magic will captivate our TV screens for the next few weeks.  To say we are excited in a little bit of an understatement.

To add to this excitement, Zulu Shack Creative has collaborated with one of its clients, Fascination City, to host a dedicated chat room for all fans. The chatroom is free to use, simply sign up and start chatting. Prizes will be randomly drawn each week for one lucky member. Members will get an entry for each day they login and another one for chatting.

Zulu Shack Creative always do their best to make every project reusable, scalable and extensible. The Game of Thrones Chat Room was a great example of taking an existing solution, tweaking the source code and re-skinning with a great look and feel.  By creating modular code, we were able to extend some of the core features and add new ones specific to the Game of Thrones theme. With a central database in place users can easily switch between websites with the same credentials.

Email campaigns will be used in conjunction with this tailor-made solution in aims to drive more business to Terry’s business. It’s an interesting thing… chatrooms, so popular in the early 90’s, we often wonder if they still have a place on the internet. For Terry and us at Zulu Shack Creative, we are eager to see the results of a trending chatroom. Sometimes in business your idea may start off as one thing but evolve into another, we have a feeling this might be the start of a new type of application or may even evolve into an alternate way to chat on the internet, by bringing back some of the old and introducing them into the new technologies. Only time will tell in this case. We are happy to be a part of this journey and just like Tyrion Lannister be the cool headed adviser.

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