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Zulu Shack Creative Registration Sports Camp Theme Launched
Zulu Shack Creative Registration Sports Camp Theme Launched

We have been quiet for a while and for good reason, our creative Impi’s at Zulu Shack have been crafting a powerful all-in-one Sports Camp Registration Theme designed for coaches and schools.

The template solution will allow for coaches and school administrators to sign up with Zulu Shack Creative and get started with a Sports Website that will allow them to create Camp Registration products and processes, that allow their clients to sign up their kids.

The Zulu Shack Creative Sports Camp Registration Theme Solution (phew! we know... it's a mouthful) covers all known processes required to run a camp registration website. Taking care of things like guardian information, player information, emergency contacts, important medical forms, site notifications, schedules, orders and reporting.

Our goal is to offer coaches and schools a more affordable and flexible solution to current systems on the market. One they have more control over too, especially in regard to branding and engaging content. At Zulu Shack we also have a Musketeer-like mentality, all for one and one for all. We are happy to announce, that with the way we have built the system, all new features will be easily rolled out to existing clients. In this way we can keep all of our clients up to date with new trends and methodologies.

Sound good? Here is a quick guide to get started:

  1. Contact Zulu Shack Creative and talk to us about your idea and camp registration needs
  2. We discuss start up plan and strategy
  3. We customize the theme to meet the style of your brand
  4. Run a full test cycle on our development server with your own products
  5. Zulu Shack Creative will help you migrate our current data over or create new data if you are new to the business
  6. Choose a hosting style that will suit your needs
  7. Go live!

Now, there will obviously be some points after and in between as queries and ideas will differ from client to client, but rest assured the start up processes will have you up and running in no time. With every new client, we streamline our process that much more.

For more reasons on why to pick Zulu Shack Creative for your registration website, read our article on our demo site here.

Zulu Shack Sports Template Demo

Please feel free to test drive our demo here. This is the base theme we keep mentioning :) with some of the core features on display:

  1. Slider
  2. Featured Camps
  3. Staff
  4. Blogs
  5. Testimonials
  6. Checkout Process
  7. Sign up process
  8. Social Integration

For a back end demo please contact us to setup a meeting using the contact form. We  would love to hear from you and your idea, whether it be a Sports related or a different idea altogether. We can help you build it.