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Zulu Shack Creative Recommends WP Engine

Finding good hosting is important for your website and ultimately your business. An excellent hosting provider will offer as close to 100% up time as possible, speed, security and ease of use when it comes to admin users operating and making decisions on the back end.

Zulu Shack Creative works with many hosting providers.  Of which, many of them have great tools and benefits. It is important to note that while we have our favorite hosting companies, we also understand that different projects call for different hosting plans. Zulu Shack Creative clients are normally either a WordPress client and a custom .NET solution client. Our two favorite companies for these types of clients are WPEngine and Winhost respectively. In this article we will outline why we choose WP Engine when it comes to WordPress sites.

Why does Zulu Shack Creative recommend WP Engine?

Easy to Migrate

WP Engine have made it extremely easy to migrate existing sites over to their platform. By providing their in house WordPress plugin and easy to use streamline instructions you can migrate your website in no time at all.

One click Install a new site

Ok, we didn’t count the clicks but it truly feels like one click to get started. Setting up your website couldn’t be easier. Zulu Shack Creative has successfully performed many new installs and migrations on the WP Engine platform.

Multi-site Environments

This is a developer’s dream and in todays age an ideal working environment. By providing three environments, production, stating and development for your website. Why would you need your website in 3 environments you may wonder? Imagine you wanted to add functionality or create a new design for your site, operating directly on your live site or having you developer work on it locally may not give you with visibility and convenience you need to see progress. Furthermore, you may break your live site. By having a staging and dev environment you can successfully manage your processes and big site changes.

Security and Back ups

With each site and install your purchase WP Engine provides a free SSL Certificate for the year. It is important to have an SSL on your website these days, one may argue that if you don’t do transactions on your website it isn’t necessary. Where that may be true it is known that Google ranks websites with SSL’s more favorably. Also, its nice seeing that lil padlock on your website, it makes you and your users feel safe.


This is our stand out reason. We at Zulu Shack feel the support at WP Engine is top notch. WP Engine offers support 27/7 every day of the year. The quality of support technicians are of high quality, it is rare you get bad service or a support agent who does not know what they are doing.

You can definitely find cheaper hosting out there, but at Zulu Shack we lean towards peace of mind and going with who we trust and we like to promote companies who provide excellent user experiences.

Being in the game for while we have also organized discounts for WP Engine hosting, should you need hosting the following links will provide you up to 20% off.

There are many other reasons and benefits for going with WP Engine like CDN’s (Content Delivery Networks), Studio Press themes and the likes. Zulu Shack Creative is happy to assist you in your hosting decisions and help you start your Wordpress solution, whether it be from scratch or a migration. Feel free to contact us and let’s get started!