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Why SEO Matters Now More than Ever?
Why SEO Matters Now More than Ever?

SEO can be a complex subject for the simple entrepreneur. In fact, even experts who have years of experience in this field still continue tolearn the ropes of optimizing websites every day.

After all, SEO is constantly evolving and it continues to be an importantpart of any successful digital marketing campaign. But why does SEO matter now more than ever?

  • Evergreen content will always stay.

    Since the year started, everyone has been talking about COVID-19 and it is also dominating search terms today. But while the pandemic will have long-term effects on consumer and search behavior, evergreen content will continue to be relevant and it will keep getting traffic to your site no matter what the time, climate or pandemic is.

    When COVID-19 is all but part of history, your evergreen content will still stay.

  • People are multi-screening.

    It is said that 90% of all Internet users “multi-screen” or move between different devices to accomplish a task. This is especiallytrue these days when people are forced to work from home and utilize both their laptops and mobile phones to get more work done.

    So if you’re going to stay relevant, your SEO strategy should include mobile-friendly optimization. In fact, Google already rolled out a mobile-friendly algorithm update last year, so you have to stay on track by optimizing your website to be more adaptable to multi-screening users.

  • COVID-19 is the trend.

    It seems like forever, but COVID-19 is still wreaking havoc aroundthe world. And whether you like it or not, you need to make adjustments to your SEO strategy to keep your brand relevant to the trend. This can include writing content that relates your business to the pandemic. Just make sure that you tackle solutions more than COVID-19 itself so your content can stay relevant even after the trend has subsided.

  • Consistency is key to SEO success.

    Although we’ve all been sidetracked by the effects of the pandemic to businesses, SEO strategies should continue to roll because it’s all about building trust from search engines.

    If you are to enjoy long-term gains, you need to be consistent with your SEO efforts. Continue putting out good content, be mindful of your keywords, improve your website and embrace new strategies that will make your SEO campaign better.

    It doesn’t matter if there’s a pandemic or not, you have to keep working on your SEO strategies if you don’t want to go back to square one.

Finally, SEO is especially important now more than ever if you’re tryingto rank on local search results. Since a lot of businesses have closed down and people are limited to establishments near them, you need totake advantage of this by optimizing your website for local SEO.

You need to rank for “open now” and “near me” searches, which are some of the top keywords for local SEO today because of the pandemic.

More people are also keen on supporting local and small businesses in the effort to help boost an ailing economy because of COVID-19.