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First Card Payments Launched
First Card Payments Launched

Let it be known! We are yelling from the top of the Himalayas our echos heard down the spine of Africa, crashing through the mighty Chinese wall and bouncing of the Hubble Telescope, "First Card Payments has launched their new website!"

Alright, we are not in the Himalayas or anything like that... but that's how excited we are to launch this gem of a website!

Alexander and Bruce were recommended to Zulu Shack Creative a short time ago to meet all their development and digital marketing needs. They have since mentioned they are extremely happy they did!

In a business where leads are crucial, Zulu Shack Creative collaborated with Alex and Bruce to craft a intuitive and responsive website. A solution geared towards capturing leads, while maintaining a great user experience for their users. Without getting too much into the secret sauce, we have tailored helpful information forĀ  future clients while keeping the content SEO friendly and technically sound to rank on Google.

The fun doesn't stop there! We are excited to be moving forward with First Card Payments in the next steps to help build a solid and trusted brand. We have our road map packed and it is going to be an adventure for the ages! So watch this space, some great things to come!

If you are in need of High Merchant Accounts, please do contact First Card Payments, tell 'em we sent you, have some laughs, crack open some beers or whip up some coffee, just relax, visualize and attack... like a true Zulu warrior. May we also recommend you start off the introduction with "Sanibonani",
1. It sounds great and 2. It means greetings in Zulu, a great way to start a conversation.

Below is a cool before and after slider to give you an idea of how the makeover went. Alternatively go visit the new site!

Zulu Shack Creative goes live!
Zulu Shack Creative goes live!
Zulu Shack Creative is proud to announce we are officially up and running! That being said, it must be noted that Zulu Shack Creative has actually been around for sometime, quietly working with media agencies and creatives throughout South Florida and abroad.