Agency SEO or Freelancer SEO? Which is Better?

Agency SEO or Freelancer SEO? Which is Better?

Improving your business website and online presence are major elements to consider when running a business. The world of digital marketing is fast changing and your business strategies need to keep up with the trend.

Since digital marketing is gaining more importance, you need to take steps to develop marketing techniques that will realize your business goals.

Investing in digital marketing will help your business grow; sales boost and online traffic. In today’s world where almost everyone is on the Internet, businesses are always on the race to be on the top of search engine results. The higher rank you get on search engines, the more potential sales you attract.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective approaches used in digital and online marketing for sales and higher return of investment. However, choosing the right SEO team needs careful deliberation. Should you hire an agency SEO or freelancer SEO? Which is thebest for your business?

Advantages and Benefits of Agency SEO

  • Most SEO agencies have worked with multiple clients of different niche and have gone through different issues, so agencies are equipped with the skills and knowledge.
  • With a team of people of different levels of expertise and skills, SEO related issues can be identified and fixed immediately.
  • Most SEO agencies are a team of SEO and web experts such as link builders, content creators, designers, customer support, marketing, and project managers, so hiring an agency is like getting your own SEOteam.
  • SEO agencies know the current SEO trends and strategies. With great teamwork and strategies, SEO agencies can provide a specific approach for your business.

Advantages and Benefits of Freelancer SEO

  • Hiring a freelancer SEO is cheaper and is suitable for businesses who have not taken any SEO work on their business website.
  • A freelancer is way cheaper compared to agency SEO.
  • A freelancer SEO with proven skills and SEO experience can build techniques that fit to your business needs and goals.
  • Freelancers have flexible work hours; they can dedicate more time to your business and get the job done faster.
  • Working with a freelancer allows you flexibility when it comes to applying your own methods and techniques. A freelancer can employ both your strategies or make some adjustments to increase your Internet presence.

Agency SEO and freelancer SEO are both beneficial for your business. However, choosing the best fit for your business depends on several factors:

1. Budget

2. The complexity of the project

3. Importance of SEO to your business

Which is better?

The answer to that question depends really on your business goals. Taking your business to the next level requires the help of SEO experts that will employ the right approach.

You can choose an experienced freelancer SEO or a team of professionals from agency SEO. But, before anything else, do your research well. Above all,take time to consider the budget, duration of work, and if SEO is crucial to your business success.